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Prenuptial Agreements In Tennessee

April 11th, 2021

A marriage agreement regulates, among other things, the distribution of the assets of both spouses when they divorce. If, in the development of a matrimonial agreement, one spouse does not pass on all assets and debts to the other spouse, the marriage agreement could be challenged because it was entered into for fraudulent reasons. If a spouse does not really know how much the other spouse owns, then he cannot know whether the marriage agreement he signs is in their best interest. Similarly, this agreement can be challenged if a spouse was forced to sign the agreement or did not have the intellectual capacity to understand what he or she accepted. Even if both spouses understood what they agreed with, there could be reasons to challenge a marriage agreement if it contains provisions that are grossly unfair to a party. If a spouse will be granted almost all of the matrimonial estate, it is likely that this conjugal agreement will be considered too one-sided to be applied. In addition, marriage contracts generally cannot relate to custody issues, since custody is an issue that must be decided in the best interests of the child and not in the best interests of the parents. While most people know what marital agreements are and how they protect couples, frequent misunderstandings about how processes work to get a marital agreement arise. In order for an agreement to be reached by the court with little room for attack, much ground must be dealt with in the original language of the document. A good matrimonial agreement will detail definitions of separate and matrimonial property, which is protected, how to share ownership, how much support is paid, and that the agreement itself has been negotiated fairly and fairly. The purpose of the agreement must be clear, regardless of who reads it. Ideally, a marriage agreement is prepared by a lawyer for one spouse and given to the other spouse to go to their lawyer to check. Prenup should be negotiated well before the wedding date, and by no means on the wedding day! No one wants a divorce if they apply for their marriage license, but it is better to be safe than to regret it.

Divorces in Tennessee involving children must be done through divorce mediation before the trial, and if you have signed a marriage agreement, this process can be inexpensive and painless.

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