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Vima Shareholders Agreement

April 14th, 2021

A incorporation model that reflects the terms of the standard shareholder contract can be a useful complement to VIMA documents. Please note that VIMA does not offer the full range of options available or adapted to start-up financing cycles, as they often depend on the transaction or the parties involved. Depending on the circumstances, the parties must therefore, if necessary, adapt the specific conditions of the documents to their needs. Additional documentation may also be required for an early funding cycle (for example. B the creation of the company, the agreement of other investors, the employment contract of the founders, etc.). However, we believe that the venture capital model agreements would remain relevant by providing a useful guide to the typical structure of funding cycles. “This initiative complements national efforts to promote the growth and vitality of Singapore`s venture capital ecosystem; and we also expect that VIMA will play a key role in the adoption of Singapore`s early-phase financing law, as all model agreements provide by default that they are subject to Singapore law and that all disputes arising from them are settled in Singapore. – The Chairman, Judge Sundaresh Menon, Chairman at the opening of VIMA in October 2018 A shareholder pact sets out the main conditions that govern the company`s business, as well as the rights and obligations of the company`s investors and founders. Long Form /Short Form Series – An appointment sheet sets out the main conditions that an investor/investor group will subscribe to for a company`s shares. It is a non-binding agreement (with the exception of certain provisions) and the parties concerned must enter into binding agreements to implement their terms. (b) that the time required to prepare the final agreements has passed net (in order to reduce the net legal costs borne by clients); Q.

Does this model agreement mean that VCs and start-ups can now enter into financing agreements without taking over the services of a lawyer? Launched on October 23, 2018, VIMA is a series of contracts that balance the interests of investors and equity parties, limit the scope of outstanding issues on which the parties are negotiating and help the parties reach common ground more quickly. The standard agreements, developed in a simple and user-friendly form, contain explanations designed to help users determine their position on the basis of their relative negotiating positions. The first set of documents, which focuses on the financing cycles prior to Series A and Series A, aims to reduce business needs, to spend time and money preparing and negotiating venture capital investments, particularly in the early stages of financing. The documents were developed by a committee of leading lawyers, investors and financiers.

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