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The Promissory Note Cop 21 And The Paris Climate Agreement

April 13th, 2021

The new agreement contains for the first time a commitment – which was made at the chaotic climate summit in Copenhagen in 2009 – to mobilize $100 billion a year for developing countries from 2020. The hard numbers were relegated to a legally non-binding preamble so that the Obama administration could lead Republicans to Congress in the end. But now, poor countries can reasonably expect this amount to increase over time, and that about half of the money will help them prepare for the climate impacts already underway in the pipeline, both hard-won concessions. First, even if powerful special interests have made a tactical retreat, they still have to play their last hand. Are we really waiting for the oil-exporting nations, a $5 trillion fossil fuel industry and the legion of politicians who claim their reputation, to leave quietly into the night? Brian Ricketts, secretary general of the European Coal and Lignite Association, recently wrote to its members that the fossil fuel industry will be rolling and getting by, so the fossil fuel industry will be in the spotlight for years and decades to come for the wrong reasons. “This is not a sustainable position, and the industry should no longer agree.” Fighting words. The agreement officially entered into force on 4 November 2016, a few days before COP22, and was ratified by 169 countries (including the European Union 28), which account for 87.75% of emissions. Not only was it strangely unser diplomacy, but it was also unfair. Yes, Copenhagen fell terribly short of expectations, and ended with the fact that about 115 heads of state and government around the world – no one knows the exact figure to date – wanted to save their dignity and an agreement. But it has brought the two cornerstones on which the Paris agreement was built: the 2C target and the change of sola of 100 billion dollars. Ten days at the COP had sparked in him a long-extinguished flame of hope that humanity could rise on this occasion and stop global warming.

It is man who has abandoned our species. But then, he continued, he heard the scientists, and all of a sudden it all felt like a pipe dream. I too had been shaken by the winds of hope and despair, so we compared notes and he wrote a blog post. States parties are subject to certain legally binding provisions, such as the requirement for developed countries to provide financial assistance to developing countries to enable them to implement the Agreement. While 20 AFP journalists were working on the phones in our coffee-molded kubby hole, Alden Meyer of the Washington-based Union of Concerned Scientists was walking around. Since the first COP in 1995, Alden has participated in every annual UN climate meeting and most incredible technical meetings between the two.

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